The effect of bad fuel can also have a major impact on businesses

Keeping a business running and running efficiently is paramount to that businesses survival.  Most businesses and all major businesses depend on being able to recover their computer systems or keep them running.

A lot of businesses invest significant time and money to create business recovery and disaster recovery plans and have expensive diesel-powered generators at the ready to cater for any power failures, and rightly so when 35% of all unplanned downtime are due to power outages.

But when Gartner predicts that two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster will go out of business within five years of the event, companies might want to sit up and take notice.

In this case those businesses depend on the power generator as their primary energy system.  That same generator that is powered by a diesel engine and has been quietly sitting in the basement, in the car park or on the roof for years.

They power up the generator and it runs fine for a while then fails leaving them without power and victim to another power failure.  Why did it fail?  The IT manager had it serviced every year?  If failed because the fuel was contaminated.

Diesel fuel in a generator does not act the same way as the diesel in your car.  It is not being turned over every day.  It sits there and is a breeding group for bacteria that feeds on the natural biomass in the diesel fuel.

When the generator is powered up that bacteria and sludge is fed through the generator eventually blocking up the fuel filters, feed lines and pumps eventually bringing it to a shuddering stop.