Welcome to TrueFlow Clean Energy Systems


Welcome to TrueFlow.  We are a company that specialise in gaining maximum output from your energy system with minimal input.  Input in terms or fuel, effort and cost.

We specialise in getting you the most from your home or business energy system insuring that it works as efficiently as possible with the least amount of cost and effort. This is achieved by power flushing your domestic or commercial heating system or by leaning and polishing your diesel fuel systems, whether they be used in IT & Industrial generators or marine and agricultural engines.


What is an Energy System?

An Energy System is a system whereby you turn some sort of fuel into some sort of useful output. 

In the case of your home or commercial heating system it is the burning of fuel, usually oil or gas, to heat a water system which in turn flows through your radiators producing heat output.

To get the best performance you need to be burning minimum fuel to produce maximum output.  The less fuel you burn the lower the cost of running the system.

If your system is clogged up with sludge or has air in it then that will hinder water flow, if water flow is hindered then you are not going to get the maximum output meaning you have to leave the system burning longer to achieve the desired output.

It is important to remember that the energy system is the sum of many parts.  In the case of your heating system you have a water feed, a boiler to heat the water, pipes to carry the heated water to the radiators and the radiators to give off the heat.

If your heating system is not working then there is little point in changing the boiler if the pipes and radiators are not in top condition.  Perhaps if you clean out the pipes and radiators there will be no need to replace the boiler, saving thousands.


Poorly performing energy systems will most likely lead to eventual failure and most probably irrepairable damage to some component of that energy system.  While this is an expensive inconvenience in your home or business it could potentially turn into a life-threatening situation.

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